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What Are You Watching? with Chris Mancini

Oct 25, 2021

Writer/comedian John Matta joins Chris to talk about their early days of comedy, comic books, writing for Batman, The Long Halloween Part 1 and 2, Injustice, Halloween Kills, Squid Game, Watchmen, getting in trouble, being nerds without the internet, and more!

Oct 18, 2021

Comedian and Host of Monster Party Matt Weinhold joins Chris for a spoooky Halloween Episode and talks about this year's Shriekfest Film Festival, Malignant, The Purge, Midnight Mass, Sweet Home, Ghosts (British version) and of course, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Oct 11, 2021

Writer and satirist Wendi Aarons joins Chris to talk about writing satire in an age where real life is more insane than ever, getting in trouble with Paul Ryan, Hacks, White Lotus, Cry Macho, The Morning Show, Taxi, and more!

Oct 4, 2021

Podcaster, writer, and podcast journalist for Vulture Magazine Marc Hershon joins Chris to talk about covering comedy podcasts, Line of Duty, Into the Night, Y: The Last Man, The Last of Us and video game adaptations, and more!