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What Are You Watching? with Chris Mancini

Dec 18, 2023

Neil returns to the main feed to talk about all things Godzilla for this FINAL EPISODE of What Are You Watching? Thank you so much for being here for the ride.

Nov 17, 2023

Comic creator Kraig Rasmussen returns to discuss his new subscription service, Blue Eye Samurai, The Killer, Grand Turismo and more!

Oct 19, 2023

A bonus episode! Actors, Producers, and Comics Creators Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings join Chris to talk about their new Kickstarter The Last Spartan: Red Tape. Tyler also talks about playing Sabertooth in X-Men and Michael Myers in Halloween. Also discussed: Warrior, The Black List, The Wheel of Time, and favorite...

Oct 16, 2023

Writer and Comic Creator Charlie Stickney returns to discuss his new White Ash Kickstarter Glarien. It's a full discussion of nothing but fantasy, from LOTR to Wheel of Time, to Never Ending Story to The Princess Bride.
Long Ago and Far Away 2 KS:

Oct 4, 2023

Comedian and Podcaster Jackie Kashian returns to discuss the Long Ago and Far Away Kickstarter, Taskmaster (the British show, not the Marvel villain) Poker Face, and more. Chris and Jackie also take a deep dive into Star Wars with Ashoka, Star Wars Rebels, The Battle for Endor, and Dr. Aphra.

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